How To Be A Writer


This ebook will help you along the way to becoming an accomplished writer. Of that I have no doubt. Why? Simply because everything in it comes from my own experience as a writer, from a halting, self-doubting start to getting my first story published. Along the way I've read many good books about how to write from many talented people. Their experience is included, modified by what I have found to work - and what doesn't.

You probably think that being a writer is something you are born to. I say that it is something you can learn, like any other skill. True, you may never be another Byron or Voltaire but - and it's an important but - you should be able to write in a coherent and professional manner. True, basic grammatical skills are necessary in order for you to put your message across clearly and they are something else that can be learned, or even given out to third parties to correct. What this ebook will show you is how to put a book together that people will want to read - and that's what being a writer means: writing something - a novel, a short story, a factual article - in fact any piece of original work that people read and enjoy.

So let's get started.


I've tried to keep these in a logical step-progression. I know full well that there's always a temptation to skip what look like 'the boring bits' and move on to 'the good bits'. It's just human nature. I would like to think that there are no boring bits in this ebook - I've worked hard to make it interesting! So take it one step at a time. Read it all the way through. Then do it again so that the bits you have missed or forgotten (and they will be there, of course!) come to your notice. I've listed links below to all the different sections - I'm not going to try to force you to go through this ebook methodically. You're a grown-up, after all. I would just advise starting at the beginning and finishing at the end. The links below are there for your convenience after you read this through once. So don't peek!

Why do it step by step? Simple. This ebook is intended to be a step-by-step process. It's a bit like painting a door - the finished product will only be as good as the preparation you have put into it. If you just slap some paint on the result will be a painted door but you can guess how it will look! However, sand it down, apply primer, undercoat and gloss and it will look a million dollars. Keep that door in your mind as a little mental 'hook' when you get tempted to short-cut the process because in good writing there are no short-cuts!

Here are the topics we will go through:

1. Necessary Equipment

2. The Importance Of The Workplace

3. Choosing The Right Book For You To Write

4. Ideas And How To Get Them

5. How to plan a story

6. How To Make Characters Come To Life

7. Plotting Your Story

8. Self-editing and the final draft

9. Agents And Publishers

10. Writer's Groups

11. Writing Competitions

12. Reference Works

Ok, let's go!